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Introduction to Data Analysis and Machine Learning Leveraging Python 

Joe Wicker, Laredo Petroleum

AAPG Midcontinent 2021

Saturday October 2nd ~ Full Day Course

 Course Description: This is an introductory course to Data Analysis and Machine Learning leveraging Python including how to acquire data, the basics of exploratory data analysis, and finally how to perform classifications and / or regressions using the scikit api.

  • Conceptualization and summarization:
    • Representation of data.
    • Modeling of machine learning techniques.
    • Application of big data computing technologies.
  • Trivial data versus Big data:
    • Representation learning.
    • Publicly available datasets.
    • Scalability and Scaling up techniques.
    • Report writing using Latex.
  • Big data computing environment:
    • Modern data analytics technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce.
    • Suitable programming languages like Python, Java and C.
    • Big data friendly machine learning scikit-learn libraries.
    • Software platforms like Matlab or R.
  • Machine learning techniques:
    • Three phases of machine learning.
    • Types of learning. support vector machine.
    • Decision trees and random forests.
    • Deep learning.
  • Scaling up machine learning:
    • Dimensionality reduction techniques like principal component analysis and feature hashing.
    • Online processing technique called stochastic gradient descent.
    • Big data machine learning models.



Cost: $135/Professional; $35/Student (Limited Student Slots)

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